Competition Guidelines. Schedule

  • Requirements for Applicants

    Students, individuals, group, school classes or anyone also can join the contest.
    Please note that applicants must fulfill the following conditions:

    • Representative applicants should be students enrolled in high school, vocational school, junior college, university, graduate school in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, or USA (regardless of nationality).

    • Both individual and group (as a group or classroom activity) are acceptable.

    • For the group entry, students must be responsible for planning and directing, and more than two-third (2/3) production staff or members should be students.

    • There is no restriction on the casts.

    Attending the awards ceremony
    If your work is nominated, nominee(s) will be requested to participate in the ceremony. The transportation cost for one representative will be bear by the company. Group members or friends can also participate the ceremony at their own expenses. However, please note that it may limit the number of people due to the hall space.
    Consent from parent/ guardians are required
    For those who participated in the ceremony and under 20 years old, parental consent will be required.
    A consent form to participate the ceremony will be sent from our office in advance. Please mail it back to us after the form is signed by parent/guardian.
  • Brand concept

  • 1. Decide which CM theme to apply for.

    Choose one theme per entry.
    Entries treating the both products in a single CM will be disqualified.




    We are accepting CM image work from "The Standard CM Category" and "The No-Editing CM Category".
    All entry content including film, audio, narration, CG, etc. must be original and unpublished.

  • 2. Decide which category to apply for.

    There are two categories in GATSBY Creative Awards.
    Decide which category to apply for according to your style and strengths.

    CM work with editing category.
    15 or 30 seconds

    Planning, directing, filming and editing techniques
    are evaluated comprehensively.

    Full-length, unedited and unprocessed CM work category.
    10 to 30 seconds

    Compete on ideas even if you are
    inexperienced and have no editing equipments.

  • 3. Create your original video commercial!

    Please read the following precautions carefully before starting your creation.
    For commercial songs, copyright-free sound materials are downloadable for applicants' use.
    Applicants are also free to produce their original commercial songs.

    Precautions in creating your materials

    About The Standard CM Category
    • Please make sure to include the GATSBY movie logo at the end of your work (15secs.). Length of work should be either 15 sec. Or 30 sec. Including the GATSBY movie logo.
      Download the movie logo.
      Download Visual Materials
    • About logo movie
    • ※A logo movie must be placed at the end of each entry. Please note that entries containing a logo movie in the middle will be disqualified.
    • ※Processing is forbidden for logo movies.
    • *Please note that Greatest GATSBY award-winning entries may not be broadcast in certain countries or areas in case of non-conformity with applicable broadcasting regulations.

    About The No-Editing CM Category
    • Do not edit.
      However, that you are allowed to cut before the starting point and after the end point in order to make your movie fit in the specified number of seconds.
      The works that violate this rule will be disqualified from the review process.
    • If the length of work exceeded in specified time, applicants may specify the length of work during application.
      For example, even if you apply for the 60secmovie, You may specify the time (from a certain sec. to a certain sec.) so editing work is not necessary.

    Please use the sound materials that obtained the permission from the original copyright holder, or materials that prepared by the administrator.
    ※For CD sources, sound sources on the net, if violate the copyright, applications will be disqualified.


    • 規定時間外の作品
    • ロゴムービーの入れ忘れ(一般CM部門のみ)
    • 著作権、著作隣接権に抵触する音源の使用
    • 肖像権、プライバシーの侵害
    • 差別表現など公序良俗に反する内容
    Usage of the products had been deviated from the original one.【Example】
    • 頭髪以外へのヘアスタイリング剤の使用
    • 動物への使用
    • 食品・飲料水に見立てる行為
  • 4. Submit your completed video commercial!

    *Entries must be submitted between Friday, July 1 and Monday, October 31, 2016.
    *Please refer carefully to the “Competition Rules: Specifications and Handling of Entries” when submitting your video.

    Precautions of Applications

    • Submissions in DVD, CD-R, or DVCAM or by home delivery service will not be accepted.
    • Note that the content of the material and/or the application cannot be changed after submitting application.
    • There is no limit for the number of materials per one person/group that can be applied.(Apply one commercial per application.)
    • Enter the following 9 items (planned) on the application form.
      1. YouTube URL
      2. The name of the group
      3. The name of the representative of the group and the name of the school
      4. The title of the material: "○○ Edition"
      5. The length of CM (in seconds)
      6. The music used
      7. The team members
        (names, name of schools, grades in school, and the roles of each member)
      8. The goal and the concept of the material (in 400 letters)
      9. Entry thumnail image: JPG, GIF, PNG; 640 x 360 pixels
    • We shall not be responsible for any problem during transmission of your information.
    • No applications are accepted after the deadline. Please make sure to apply before the deadline.

    5. Application completed.

    Upon completion of application, notification email with reference number will be send to you.

Competition Rules:
Specifications and Handling of Entries

  1. By submitting and entering the contest,participants are deemed to have understood and agreed to the terms of the Competition Guidelines.
  2. All submissions must be original, unpublished, uploaded during the application period, and not submitted to another competition.
  3. In the event that an award-winning entry is found to have been previously published or submitted to another competition, the award in question may be cancelled and/or refund of the cash and other gifts may be requested.
  4. Entries’ ownership, usage rights, and copyrights (including rights referred to in Article 21 to Article 28 of the Copyright Act) shall belong to Mandom Corporation.
  5. Entries and the information provided by participants at the time of submission may be used on the website or press report of Mandom Corporation as well as newsletters, ads and promotional materials of GATSBY.
  6. Entries bearing falsified applicant information will be invalidated.
  7. Entries and information provided by participants at the time of submission may be used in the official website for public viewing.
  8. Entries may be made publicly accessible or gratuitously distributed to the general public on the Internet and in other edited forms (such as CD-ROM).
  9. Upon submission of their entries, the applicant may not exercise their authors’ personal rights thereon.
  10. The applicants must take care so as to ensure that their entries do not infringe the copyright, other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, or privacy rights of any third party. The applicants must personally guarantee the absence of infringement on these rights and, should any claim arise from an infringement, bear all responsibility for the matter. MANDOM shall not be liable for any compensation on claims on grounds of infringement of such rights by any competition entry.
  11. Mandom Corp. reserves the right to use competition submissions following editing and processing, including the insertion of a logo and/or logo movie, in any of its advertising media including TV and radio commercials, printed advertisements, and its subsidiaries' Internet web sites and in special events, sales promotions, and other PR activities, regardless of their locations. Mandom may also use the submissions on YouTube (, Facebook ( ), and other external social media sites.
  12. Work pieces against public policy and/or social ethics (conflict with government ordinances, law or regulations, reputation damages towards individuals, organizations and privacy) will be disqualified. The award shall be turned down when that case(s) is discovered.
  13. Film work exceeding the specified time limit will not be accepted. Entries in storyboard form will not be accepted
  14. Entries will be deemed invalid if the submitted content describes use of the product that deviates from the original intended use.
  15. The applicants in whose entries Mandom product use is recognized by Mandom as being deviated or inappropriate will be requested to delete their entries from YouTube and other SNS, and the applicants concerned must comply with the request.
  16. The applicants whose entries pass the screening will be requested to submit the electronic data of their works to Mandom. If the data is not submitted within the designated period, the applicants will be disqualified. Please note that the submitted electronic data will not be returned.
  17. After the final screening, all submissions and related materials will be destroyed in such a manner as to protect the personal information of the applicants.
  18. We, including the campaign secretariat, reserve the right to remove any submission from the official Internet websites of this campaign, other Mandom sites, and Mandom subsidiaries’ sites, at our discretion and without any notice to the participant concerned, if the submission is found to be in violation of the campaign regulations or deemed inappropriate following our investigation of the contents.
  19. Production costs and expenses related to the submission shall be borne by the participant.
  20. No information on the selection process will be given out during the judging period.
  21. Please reply immediately when you get contacted by the campaign secretariat. Note that we may have to exclude your work from the competition if you do not reply back in time.
  22. Questions should be submitted using our contact form. Telephone inquiries will not be entertained during the selection period to ensure fairness to other participants.Please check FAQs also listed in "FAQ" section on the same website.
  23. Participants must not attempt to get unauthorized access to this campaign site or a computer system/network connected to our server by methods such as stealing passwords or other forms of hacking.
  24. The Information on the Competition Guidelines is valid as of Wednesday, June 15, 2016 and is subject to change without prior notice. Please check for information updates on the official website as necessary.