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Regarding GATSBY Creative Awards

Is it got any qualification in applying?

Applicants may be individuals, groups or whole school classes, provided that they or their representatives are students enrolled in high school, vocational school, junior college, university, or graduate school in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, or USA (regardless of nationality).
For group entry, members who are students must account for at least two-thirds of all the members and take charge of planning and directing the production of their entries.

Can I apply if I am a beginner?

Of course you can apply. GATSBY Creative Awards is a contest that let the beginners feel free to join.
As the beginner, you may try to challenge "The No-Editing CM Category".

I would like to enroll the students in my classes and make it the school club activities. Is that possible for school representative to apply on behalf of students?

Thank you for selecting GATSBY Creative Awards as part of your school activities.
However please note that this CM Awards allowed only student to apply themselves.
If you're interested to enroll your school participation in this CM award, kindly fill up the information of school in the application form below in order to liaise with the administrator.

Is there a limit for the number of participants?

There is no limit to the number of participants. However, the transportation fee to attend the award ceremony will be paid only for one representative. In addition, please note that the number of participants may be limited due to the hall space.

Regarding Production/Applications

Is it GATSBY logo movie must be used?

▼For The Standard CM Category

Yes. Please use the GATSBY logo movie at the end (1.5sec).
For the 1.5 seconds of the movie, it should including inside 15 seconds, 30 seconds of the production, please be careful not to exceed the specified time.

▼For The No-Editing CM Category

Logo movie use is not a requirement.

Is it a requirement to use the supplied sound material?

Please use the sound material if match with the production planning.
This may be a song that wrote by your own.
In addition, please use the music that obtained the permission of the copyright holder.
※For CD sources, sound sources on the net, if violate the copyright, applications will be disqualified.

For The No-Editing CM Category, can we do the editing?

▼Do not edit.

However, that you are allowed to cut before the starting point and after the end point in order to make your movie fit in the specified number of seconds.
The works that violate this rule will be disqualified from the review process.

▼If the length of work exceeded in specified time, applicants may specify the length of work during application.

For example, even if you apply for the 60secmovie, You may specify the time (from a certain sec. to a certain sec.) so editing work is not necessary.

Is there a limit for the number of entries? (Theme ・ Including multiple categories)

You could apply and participate in both individual & group segment. In addition, you can challenge yourself by using multiple themes and also by participating different category. If you have variety of materials to apply, you have to fill in separate form for each material.

Do we need to introduce all the theme products in the work?

Do not have to introduce all kinds of products.
It do not include in judgment criteria, so please feel free to express your idea.

Can I apply by mail?

Sorry, applicants are not accepted by mail.

I would like to replace the video materials that I submitted.

Sorry, replacement is not accepted. Please apply again.

We have not received an e-mail confirming the completion of the application.

This is most likely because of the following, please check.

  • E-mail address that is registered is incorrect.
  • Has been divided into the junk mail folder automatically.
  • E-mail has been delayed because of the delay network.

After confirmed the below statements, if you still have not receive the email, please contact the GATSBY Creative Awards administrator.

We would like to change the applicant information.

Group information cannot be changed once your application is confirmed. A new application may be accepted with a different group composition.

If our entry does not pass the first-stage screening, do we have the right to upload our video on YouTube or otherwise present it publicly?

You are allowed to present your entry in public if it does not pass the first-stage screening, provided that you make necessary changes so that it will not be taken for an official GATSBY commercial. Please be sure of the following in particular:

  • Remove logo movie, if included in the video.
  • Clearly indicate that the video was submitted to the GATSBY Creative Awards.

Regarding Website

What is the recommended environment for GATSBY Creative Awards?

For GATSBY Creative Awards, we recommend the following environment.

※We recommended some PC information, hope that applicants can use it.

  • OS Support

    -Microsoft Windows Vista and below
    -Mac OS X v10.1 and below

  • Browser Support
    -Recommend Internet Explorer 10.0 and above
    -Safari5.0 and above