Winners' Announcement

Finally, Grand Prize and other awards will be selected!

Character Award

『One Touch』

The Standard CM Category
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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
In this video, we express humorously the refreshing sensation that GATSBY Facial Paper provides. We made it light and snappy to entertain the viewers. A couple has a date in a park. The girl is angry with her boyfriend, who has kept her waiting. The guy has brought an ice cream for her, but it has melted under the heat, and the cream sticks to his hand. The girl wipes it with GATSBY Facial Paper… then, a miracle! The ice cream is back to its original form, and the guy is frozen!

Comments|Tatsuya Tsujinaka

The refreshing effect of the product is expressed as freezing coldness in the video. The actor’s impressive facial expression (shot in a single take, I was told) is the heart of this commercial.

Winners' Comments

Thank you GATSBY for organizing this competition. We are surprised to win “The Character Award”. Thank you for the judges’ appreciation and effort of each team member.

Joining the Final Ceremony in Japan is a valuable experience which broadened our horizon in creative and advertising aspects. We hope to apply our creativity in order to produce different out-of-the-box advertisements in the future. Thank you!