Winners' Announcement

Finally, Grand Prize and other awards will be selected!

Encouragement Awards

『cool players』

The Standard CM Category
Bangkok University
We thought about how best to express the characteristics of the mass market hair gel. We decided to use sports in the video because hair styles can get disheveled while doing sports.

Winners' Comments

The contest staff were very friendly, always providing us with the latest information. We were really touched by the fact that they chose for us first-rate airlines and hotel in Japan. We particularly appreciated an interpreter’s service for our group; otherwise, we would not have been able to obtain so much new knowledge from this event. Finally, this contest stands out from other similar competitions because the judges were all very kind and instructive, advising us on our weaknesses and errors. On the whole, we found the Awards Ceremony very well prepared, which made us feel the great consideration the organizers had for the participants.