Winners' Announcement

Finally, Grand Prize and other awards will be selected!

Encouragement Awards

『A Popular Guy』

The Standard CM Category
Megane 50%
Rakuyo General High School
This video shows how an unpopular guy, after doing his hair with a GATSBY product (Moving Rubber) given by a friend, suddenly becomes popular, receiving love note from many girls and seeing the world completely changing for him.

Winners' Comments

Thank you very much for giving us this precious experience. We started working together as a team in the visual art class that began in the second year in high school. Initially, we had many difficulties, but toward the goal of creating an entry for the GATSBY Creative Awards we were finally able to get our act together and work together. Although we were disappointed that we did not win a major award, attending the final selection (we were SO nervous…!), receiving the Encouragement Award, meeting other participants from many different countries… all of this was great fun. Moreover, we were very happy to have Mr. Shota Matsuda, who was there as a special judge, give us very encouraging comments. Next time, we want to try harder to create a better commercial and win the Greatest GATSBY Award. Once again, thank you very much for everything!