Winners' Announcement

Finally, Grand Prize and other awards will be selected!

The Greatest GATSBY Award

『The Last Pride of Man 2』

The Standard CM Category
Ajou University
Moving Rubber Spiky Edge's strong hair-setting power expresses the bald man's last source of pride.

Winners' Comments

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the judges and the Mandom staff for presenting us with this wonderful award. When we were shooting, I was worried because our concept was risky – featuring a bald man in a commercial for a hair styling product. But it turned out that this risk gave the video a fresh twist, and the result was very good. I would like to thank my team mates, who had joined the team trusting me, and our families and friends who supported us all along. The three months from the first screening to the Greatest GATSBY Award was such a precious experience for me in my life. I would like to continue making efforts to realize my dreams, drawing on this experience. I would also like to thank the people at Mandom and the participants from the ten countries/areas for realizing this wonderful event. Thank you all for your great jobs!