Winners' Announcement

Finally, Grand Prize and other awards will be selected!

The Mandom Award

『What makes a man stylish?』

The No-Editing CM Category
Seowon University
To complete your looks, you must have a good hair style. What to do to get a perfect hair style? Stop tormenting yourself! GATSBY is all you need to create the hair style you want. To be a really stylish man, get yourself a GATSBY product.

Winners' Comments

We tried to present the product simply by making an effective use of subtleties of no editing. We are proud of our video, but it also has many holes. We would like to thank the judges, who gave us good marks, and the Mandom staff, who chose our immature entry. We are filled with happy emotion, having received an award from the GATSBY Creative Awards, known for highly original entries. Considering this award as support for our future possibilities, we would like to enter better works in the 12th GATSBY Creative Awards. Thank you very much!