Q1 Any student can enter the contest, irrespective of age.

A1 Any student of any nationality who is attending a senior high school, technical college, junior college, university or graduate school can take part. However, if you are under 20 years of age on March 10, 2018 and taking part in the 12th GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS FINAL, you will need your legal guardian’s consent. Entry categories are different for each country/region. Please check the website.

Q2 I am just a beginner. Can I take part?

A2 Of course. GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS is a fuss-free contest that anyone can enter. We have 7 categories ready for you to enter: In addition to the COMMERCIAL and ART categories, you can enter your work using SNS uploads in DANCE, MUSIC, FASHION, SMART PHONE and HAIR STYLE categories. It’s easy to get started! Take up the challenge!

Q3 I want my students to enter the contest as part of class/club activities. Is it possible for teachers to be the lead applicant?

A3 Thank you very much for choosing GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS as part of your school program. Only students are eligible to enter the contest. Therefore, teachers can act as contacts with our office but will need to pre-register using the entry form. Please include the names of the school and the teacher/instructor in the contact details of the entry form. Students must plan and direct the work. At least 2/3 of the production staff should be students.

Q4 Is there a limit to the number of students taking part?

A4 For the DANCE category, only solo entries are permitted. For the MUSIC category, 1 to 4 students can enter together. For the other categories (COMMERCIAL, ART, FASHION, SMART PHONE, HAIR STYLE), there is no restriction on numbers. However, Mandom will only reimburse the lead applicant for the travel and accommodation costs for taking part in the 12th GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS FINAL that will be held on March 10, 2018.
*With the exception of the MUSIC category, for which Mandom will pay for the travel and accommodation costs of all participants.

Q5 Please tell us the system requirements for the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS.

A5 To take part in the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS, we recommend the following platform.
*You may be able to take part even if your PC does not meet these system requirements. Operation System:
- Microsoft Windows Vista or later
- Mac OS X v10.1 or later
- Internet Explorer 10.0 or later (recommended)
You can download the latest version of Internet Explorer from here . - Safari 5.0 or later

Q6 Must I use the supplied audio or other material?

A6 You are free to use whatever you like to suit your creative plan and production. You can create your own music.
You must obtain permission from the holder of the music copyright or the rights relating to the copyright.
*Any work infringing on the copyright or rights relating to copyright, such as commercially available CDs or internet audio material, will be disqualified from the contest.

Q7 Do I have to show the whole range of GATSBY products?

A7 You do not need to show all the different kinds of GATSBY products. The products you use will not affect the adjudication. Let your creativity flow.

Q8Can I send my entry through the post?

A8 No, we do not accept postal entries.

Q9 Can I make changes to the entry I submitted or information accompanying the entry?

A9 No, we do not allow changes or updates. You must submit another entry.

Q10 I have not received any e-mail acknowledgement of my entry.

A10 One of the following issues may have occurred. Please check.

  • ・You have registered the wrong e-mail address.
  • ・The e-mail has gone automatically into your Spam folder.
  • ・Network delay may have led to a delay in receiving e-mail.

Please check the above and if you still do not receive an e-mail from us, please contact the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS Office.

Q11 Is there a limit to the number of entries I can make via SNS?

A11 You can upload as many entries as you like.

Q12 In the COMMERCIAL category, if my work does not get through the first screening, can I upload it onto YouTube or other media?

A12 If you make sure that viewers understand that your work is not an official GATSBY commercial, you are free to upload it. Please take care and check the following:

  • ・ If the commercial includes our logo movie, please delete it. Clearly state that this is an entry you submitted to the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS.
Q13 Is only original audio material allowed for entry as music for the MUSIC category?

A13 Any material infringing on the copyright or rights relating to copyright, such as commercially available CDs or internet audio material, cannot be used.
Please submit original music.


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