Yusuke Sato
Creative Director and Commercial Planner

— Message to applicants
This year, a 6 seconds CM award is also set up! The scope sure has widened. The awards I myself won when I was a student also played a part in making who I am right now, so I feel really honored to be given this kind of chance on this occasion. I think there are things we can create only when we are students. Although unrefined, they are awfully packed with passion. One can feel the passion of the creators from them. They also easily surpass the language barrier. I’m looking forward to such creations.

— Profile
Born in 1984. Entered Dentsu in 2007. Some of his main recent works include Gatsby’s “GATSBY COP: Somewhat competent.”, Docomo’s “Star Production”, Cup Noodles’ “Hungry Days: Is this youth?”, Pocari Sweat’s “School Trip of Dance”, and Marukome’s “The world’s first cute miso soup.” As the youngest winner in history, he was awarded the Creator of the Year in 2017. He is the first Japanese medalist to emerge from the Young Lions Film Competition of the Cannes Festival. He has also won many other awards such as the TCC Award, TCC Newcomer’s Award, ACC Award, ADC Award, and Galaxy Award.

Rei Hanada
Communications Planner

— Message to applicants
During my college days, I would apply for this award every year. I entered my current company because of the award I received, and now I get to engage myself in creative works. And sure enough, (although there are times when it gets tough) work is very, very fun. And that’s why, I want the students who are participating in this award on this occasion to know the fun behind creating freely, touching people’s hearts, etc. I wish it can become some kind of a great opportunity for you. Also, I hope to see works that nobody would think of creating.

— Profile
Born in 1991. Entered Dentsu in 2014. Some of his main works include Glico’s products in general such as Pocky & Pretz, Lipovitan D’s “Cheer Misfire” and “Emoji Commercial”, Spotify’s launching promotion in Japan, and Seven Two Seven’s cosmetics advertisement “Newspaper advertisement using a screenshot of our company’s Wikipedia page”. He is active as a drone photographer too and has also published a photo book in 2017. In 2019, as the youngest grand prize winner in history, he was selected for the Keizo Saji Prize, a commendation for Kansai advertisement creators. Paperwork is his weak point, and he strives to overcome it.

Hisao Daigou
Nippon Engineering College

— Message to applicants
Please provide this stiff and harden, boring head of mine with new encounters and splendid stimulation.
I’m looking forward to it.

— Profile
Born in 1980. Joined the film production company SHAIKER in 2005.
Made his directorial debut with the short omnibus drama series “Sensei Michi”.
Directed the drama section in “Dai! Tensai TV Kun”, the “Safe Reality Story” series, and so forth on NHK Educational TV.
He also manages the directions for informational programs, talk shows, music videos, and so on.
Turn freelance in 2019, he has also taken part in internet commercials as a cameraman, foreign productions such as China’s films, and so on.