— Message to applicants
I’m really looking forward to the new talent in the new generation.

— Profile
Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1976. 42 years old.
Using street art as the foundation, creates works that touch the viewer’s soul with a passionate and vital touch.
With a style that has always been evolving, has created works on the theme of the coexistence of conflicting things such as past and future, stillness and movement, and justice and evil.
In addition, the dynamic live paintings that are improvised receive unending offers from all over the world and always attract many spectators.

—Work History
In 2017, won the ART BATTLE in NY for the second time.
・Handled advertisements for the World Baseball Classic.
In 2018, worked on murals and advertisements for the film “Pacific Rim: Uprising” at the request of the Hollywood film company Universal Pictures.
・At the request of New York and the World Trade Center, participated in an art project to change the image of past accidents and created a mural. Has an atelier in the World Trade Center.
・In November, won the US BATTLE NY Championships and took part in the US Championships as the New York Champion.


Takeshi Sato
– LIVE PAINT act. –

— Message to applicants
I hope applicants can wholeheartedly enjoy challenging new obstacles to open up new doors, which will allow one to step up to the next stage. I’m looking forward to seeing the energies coming from all of the applicants, the promising next generation.

— Profile
Takeshi Sato traveled alone to Los Angeles, America where he became interested in the techniques displayed by the mural artists here. Through self-education, Takeshi taught himself mural painting. After returning to Japan, he went on to decorate walls at various theme parks, amusement facilities, and other establishments. In 2005, he began holding LIVE PAINT events. Both of his innovative style, which has brought the essence of craftsmanship into the world of art, and his short live performance shows have captured the attention of media globally. With the experiences and techniques earned from his commercial arts, Takeshi, with only a roller in hand, captivates the heart of many audiences with his brimming agility and power enclosed within each touch. After experiencing the earthquake disaster in 2011, Takeshi has been proactively participating in charity events overseas to help to raise donations. Together with Taro Hakase and The Gospellers, Takeshi performed on the Japan Day (June 2) at the Expo 2012 held in Yeosu, Korea. In October of the same year, he painted a portrait for Evelyn—the wife of Ronald Lauder, the founder of the major cosmetic brand Estée Lauder Companies—during the Pink Ribbon’s charity event sponsored by Estée Lauder. The portrait is currently being decorated on the wall of the company’s headquarter in New York. In 2014, Takeshi appeared in a CM for General Electrics (GE), one of the largest companies in the world. In 2015, Takeshi held his first private exhibition in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York.


Hiroyuki Goto
Head of the Department of Graphic Design

— Message to applicants
Each of you who participates in this contest is at the top of your youth. I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of artwork you will create to express the interpretation of “youth”. Please give your best.

— Profile
Hiroyuki Goto became a part-time lecturer at the college in 1998 after working at the sales and promotion department of an advertising agency. Inside the campus, he is also assigned at the job hunting division and concentrates on providing career guidance to the students. He became a full-time faculty member in 2009, was assigned as the head of Visual Design Science in 2011, and head of the Graphic Design Science in 2017.
His primary duty is to be in charge of the sales promotion and event management for a variety of clients such as large-scale food companies, automobile companies, insurance companies, railway companies, and others.