Beat Buddy Boi

— Message to applicants
Dance is a way to communicate without using words. We hope that you can cherish this “meeting and dancing”, especially In this era where you simply connect on social media.
While I was traveling around Asia, I strongly felt that the friendship that I made there has surpassed politics and religion and allowed me to be one with everyone.
I share this dance with everyone in Asia wishing to create the world they want. By passionately dancing and clashing with one another, I’m sure we will create something new!
I look forward to meeting you at the venue!
We will be waiting your challenge at the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS! !

— Profile
Enchanting the audience with outstanding isolations and groove-based dancing.
Apart from expanding the range of expression as a human beatboxer, he has demonstrated his talents in various ways including appearing in live solos and videos.
In addition, he is active both in Japan and overseas as a member of [BREAK FREE] led by Go Ueki.


— Message to applicants
Crossing over the border of Japan, the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS is an excellent opportunity for student dancers in Asia to communicate with each other through dancing. Only students can take the chance and participate in this competitive award. Don’t miss the opportunity to compete and shock the world with your dance moves!!
We are looking forward to receiving your entry!!

— Profile
KAZANE began her dancing career from four years old. She became a member of the HOUSE dance crew LUCIFER while earning trophies from a large number of dance contests. KAZANE finished second in national competition during her years at the elementary school, won the champion title at a national competition during her junior high school time, and, together with her crew, won the special prize at JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT for two consecutive years during her time as a high school student. In dance battles, KAZANE won the second place in JUSTE DEBOUT FINAL in PARIS 2019 HOUSE and the championship in DANCE ALIVE HERO’s JAPAN FINAL 2019 HOUSE, earning her many successes both from both Japan and overseas. Other than competitions, KAZANE also works as stage performer, choreographer, back dancer, instructor, etc., and has continued to pursue the endless possibilities in street dancing. At the moment, KAZANE is receiving support from the eyewear brand BLACKFLYS.

– Work History
2018 HOUSE Champion
2018 HOUSE Champion
2019 HIPHOP Runner-up with MAiKA
2019 HOUSE Runner-up with HIRO
2019 HOUSE Champion
・Choreographed for LUMICA Penlight’s CM
・Choreographed for “ROAM AROUND” ft. GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE

Miki Aoyama
Head of Education Division / Head of the Department of Dance & Actors

— Message to applicants
Everyone who applied may be nervous, but please change your nervousness into fun and enjoy the whole event!!

— Profile
After graduated from this college, Miki Aoyama gained experience as a backup dancer and others and joined DA TOKYO from the first time it opened. Utilizing her own experience, she has led many graduates to get into the dance industry.