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About the handling of personal information
  1. Mandom, Co. shall use the registered personal information within the scope that is required for a successful implementation of the campaign, such as to the introduce, register, and confirm the participation to various events, lottery for gifts, product shipment, statistical analysis in marketing activities that do not specify the individuals, inquiries/consultations related to planning, and others.
  2. In addition to the above, the personal information that you entered for this tournament will be used together with the submitted video on Gatsby’s official homepage in Japan and abroad, the homepage of Mandom Co. and its overseas operational companies, press releases, Gatsby’s publications, advertisements, promotional materials, and external websites, such as YouTube, social media platforms, and others, as necessary for the performance of the project.
  3. The company may outsource the activities for this project to an external contractor to achieve the purpose of use.
  4. The company shall not provide any personal information to a third party without prior consent.
  5. Inquiries regarding personal information shall be addressed to the consultation counter, described in the “Personal Information Protection Policy“.
  6. Various procedures, such as disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and others, can be performed based on the “Procedures to Respond to Requests for Information Disclosure”.
  7. The person in charge of managing personal information protection in our company is the executive officer in charge of the general affairs department, and the company has placed an internal system to handle personal information appropriately.
  8. Although the provision of personal information is optional, the company cannot accept the entry if such information is not provided.”
About internet security
  • We protect your personal information through SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • We use “cookies”, a method so that the person in the entry form cannot be identified easily.

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