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How Do We Handle Personal Information
  • (1)Mandom Corporation (Mandom) will use the personal information that you provide to us as required by our business operations to confirm event information, entry and participation; to draw gift prizes and dispatch goods; to conduct statistical analysis in non-personalized marketing activities; and to reply to questions and give advice on the event.
  • (2)In addition to the above, Mandom will use the personal information that you provide to us for this event together with your video clips for publicity purposes as required by our business operations on the official GATSBY websites (Japanese and those of other countries); on the homepage and in media releases of Mandom and our overseas companies; in GATSBY publicity, advertising, and promotional materials; and on external sites such as YouTube and social media.
  • (3)Mandom may outsource work to contractors in order to achieve our purpose.
  • (4)Mandom will not supply your personal information to third party without obtaining your consent.
  • (5)For inquiries on personal information, please contact the consultation desk described in "Privacy Policy".
  • (6)Procedures such as disclosure, correction, suspension of use can be made from "Procedures to respond to requests for disclosure etc.".
  • (7)The person who is responsible for privacy protection in Mandom is the Executive Officer, General Administration Div., who manages and executes the in-house system for the appropriate handling of personal information.
  • (8)You are not obliged to provide your personal information to us. However, we are unable to accept your competition entry without the information.
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Internet Security
  • ・We protect your personal information with SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • ・We use cookies to input forms which might not be easily recognised by you.

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