Q Any student can enter the contest, irrespective of age.
(1)those who have a nationality of Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
(2)those who are currently living in any of the above 12 countries and regions (Including international students, ex:Japanese who are studying in Hong Kong can also participate.* If you are ex, you will represent the national team of JAPAN.) Also, when you are applying with a group, then nationality of the representative group shall be considered.
(3)those who are a student in a high school/vocational school/junior college/university /graduate school However, if those who are under the age of 20 are applying for "GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS FINAL 13th" on March, 2019, parental consent would be required.※ As of July 2018 when under 20 years old
Q I am just a beginner. Can I take part?
Of course you can apply. GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS is a contest that anyone can feel free to join. What you need is "to express yourself.
Q I want my students to enter the contest as part of class/club activities. Is it possible for teachers to be the lead applicant?
Thank you very much for choosing GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS as part of your school program. Only students are eligible to enter the contest. Therefore, teachers can act as contacts with our office but will need to pre-register using the entry form. Please include the names of the school and the teacher/instructor in the contact details of the entry form. Students must plan and direct the work. At least 2/3 of the production staff should be students.
Q Is there a limit to the number of students taking part?
1 to 3 people in the DANCE division and 1 to 4 people in the MUSIC division.
The CM department, the ART department, and the PHOTO department are not limited to the number of participants.
However, only one representative will be sponsored for the transportation and accommodation expenses when participating in "GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS FINAL 13th" on March 9, 2019
※We will bear the transportation fee and accommodation fee of all participants only for DANCE division and MUSIC division.
Q Please tell us the system requirements for the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS.
To take part in the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS, we recommend the following platform.
*You may be able to take part even if your PC does not meet these system requirements.
Operation System:
-Microsoft Windows Vista or later
-Mac OS X v10.1 or later
- Internet Explorer 10.0 or later (recommended)
You can download the latest version of Internet Explorerfrom here .
-Google Chrome - Safari 5.0 or later
Q Must I use the supplied audio or other material?
Please use only music provided by GATSBY
Q Do I have to show the whole range of GATSBY products?
You do not need to show all the different kinds of GATSBY products. The products you use will not affect the adjudication. Let your creativity flow.
Q Can I send my entry through the post?
No, we do not accept postal entries.
Q Can I make changes to the entry I submitted or information accompanying the entry?
No, we do not allow changes or updates. You must submit another entry.
Q I have not received any e-mail acknowledgement of my entry.
One of the following issues may have occurred. Please check.
・You have registered the wrong e-mail address.
・The e-mail has gone automatically into your Spam folder.
・Network delay may have led to a delay in receiving e-mail.
Please check the above and if you still do not receive an e-mail from us, please contact the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS Office.
Q Is there a limit to the number of entries I can make via SNS?
Any number of entries can be posted.
Q Is only original audio material allowed for entry as music for the MUSIC category?
Any material infringing on the copyright or rights relating to copyright, such as commercially available CDs or internet audio material, cannot be used.
Please submit original music.


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