To enter the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS, please read the following information carefully first.


Check if you are eligible.


No age limit for students

(1) those who have a nationality of Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
(2) those who are currently living in any of the above 12 countries and regions (Including international students, ex:Japanese who are studying in Hong Kong can also participate.* If you are ex, you will represent the national team of JAPAN.) Also, when you are applying with a group, then nationality of the representative group shall be considered.
(3) those who are a student in a high school/vocational school/junior college/university /graduate school
However, if those who are under the age of 20 are applying for "GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS FINAL 13th" on March 2, 2019 (Saturday), parental consent would be required.※ As of July 2018 when under 20 years old


12 Asian countries/regions

Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand

No.3Number of Students

Individual or group entry

You can enter the category as a group, club, or class unit but students themselves must plan and produce the work.
At least 2/3 of the production staff should be students. The group must nominate a leader (who must be a student).
Mandom will pay only for the leader’s travel and accommodation costs when taking part in the FINAL.


・Best work 300,000 yen
・Invitation to the CM filming location GATSBY in Japan(within one year after the completion of GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS 13th)

Twelve works from 12 countries and regions in Asia will win the 13th GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS FINALS, and on March 2, 2019 (Saturday) "13th GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS FINALS" will decide the best work.

No.5Special Notes

Don’t get disqualified: fully understand all the rules.

Special Notes about Your Work
  • Being a complete original work
  • Either 15 seconds or 30 seconds long.
  • Designated logo movie to be inserted at the end of your work, and contained within the 15 or 30 seconds.
  • Use of material infringing copyright or rights relating to copyright.
  • Violation of portrait rights and privacy.
    Content that goes against public order and standards of decency such as discriminatory expressions.
  • Deviation from the intended use or purpose of the product.
    • (Example):Use of hair styling agent other than on the hair on your head
    • (Example):Use on plants and animals
    • (Example):Making the products look like food or drink

Decide on your content.


Create content using a GATSBY product

Get material that would turn your concept of the GATSBY image into physical form.

■Create a commercial and upload your video data.
■Please use only music provided by GATSBY

For product details, go to:

Image material

All GATSBY products can be used for the commercial


Download GATSBY logo movie


Audio material



How to Handle the Content Material Supplied by Mandom:

・The GATSBY Logo Movie MUST BE USED in all CM entries in the Standard CM Category.
※AVI format is recommended for Windows users and MOV for Mac users.
※The video content is the same for both.
・No change or modification to the GATSBY Logo Movie is permitted.
・Images and other content can be printed out and used in your entry.
・Audio content can be recorded onto CD-R using Windows Media Player, iTunes or other music software and played when recording your entry.
※Any infringement on copyright and rights relating to copyright by using sound materials such as commercially available CDs and internet audio material will disqualify your entry.
・The content materials are compressed as a ZIP file. Download and unzip to open.
・DO NOT USE any of the content materials supplied by Mandom on this website for any other purpose than the production of your entry for the GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS.
・After completing your entry production, delete provided data (dispose) immediately.


Create your work and upload your entry


Produce content that is full of creativity.

Make your entry cool, fun surreal, skillful… full of possibilities!


Check the procedures for entering the competition

※Any material uploaded after the deadline will not be accepted as competition entry. The deadline must be strictly observed.


Produce your COMMERCIAL

Produce your original commercial using a GATSBY product.


Please upload it to your favorite SNS

(Reference: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
※Private setting will be out of entry.


Complete the Entry Form

Input the URL of your uploaded video together with other necessary information into the entry form.


Wait for the announcement of winners

■Primary screening:October 15, 2018 (Monday) - November 1, 2018 (Thursday)
Selection by the secretariat

■Secondary screening:November 2, 2018 (Friday) - November 16, 2018 (Friday)
(1) Number of votes obtained by online voting
(2) Points awarded to GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS
(3) Point where GATSBY gained creativity

At a maximum of 30, the above three items will be calculated,
And then, works with the highest scores from each area will advance to FINAL.

March 2, 2019 (Saturday)
Representatives from each Country and Region entering
"GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS FINAL 13th" will be decided

Enter the Competition (Application ended)

Competition Rules

The GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS (“the Competition ”) is a competition organized by Mandom Corporation (“the Company”).
The work entered into the Competition may be uploaded onto the homepage of the Company or of any of the affiliated companies of the Company. In addition, the work may be used in other ways.

1.By submitting and entering the contest, participants are deemed to have understood and agreed to the terms of the Competition Guidelines.
2.All submissions must be original, unpublished, uploaded during the application period, and not submitted to another competition.
3.In the event that an award-winning entry is found to have been previously published or submitted to another competition, the award in question may be cancelled and/or refund of the cash and other gifts may be requested.
4.Entries’ ownership, usage rights, and copyrights (including rights referred to in Article 21 to Article 28 of the Copyright Act) shall belong to Mandom Corporation.
5.Entries and the information provided by participants at the time of submission may be used on the website or press report of Mandom Corporation as well as newsletters, ads and promotional materials of GATSBY.
6.Entries bearing falsified applicant information will be invalidated.
7.Entries and information provided by participants at the time of submission may be used in the official website for public viewing.
8.Entries may be made publicly accessible or gratuitously distributed to the general public on the Internet and in other edited forms (such as CD-ROM).
9.Upon submission of their entries, the applicant may not exercise their authors’ personal rights thereon.
10.The applicants must take care so as to ensure that their entries do not infringe the copyright, other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, or privacy rights of any third party. The applicants must personally guarantee the absence of infringement on these rights and, should any claim arise from an infringement, bear all responsibility for the matter. MANDOM shall not be liable for any compensation on claims on grounds of infringement of such rights by any competition entry.
11.Mandom Corp. reserves the right to use competition submissions following editing and processing, including the insertion of a logo and/or logo movie, in any of its advertising media including TV and radio commercials, printed advertisements, and its subsidiaries' Internet web sites and in special events, sales promotions, and other PR activities, regardless of their locations. Mandom may also use the submissions on YouTube (, Facebook (, and other external social media sites.
12.Work pieces against public policy and/or social ethics (conflict with government ordinances, law or regulations, reputation damages towards individuals, organizations and privacy) will be disqualified. The award shall be turned down when that case(s) is discovered.
13.Film work exceeding the specified time limit will not be accepted. Entries in storyboard form will not be accepted.
14.Entries will be deemed invalid if the submitted content describes use of the product that deviates from the original intended use.
15.The applicants in whose entries Mandom product use is recognized by Mandom as being deviated or inappropriate will be requested to delete their entries from YouTube and other SNS, and the applicants concerned must comply with the request.
16.The applicants whose entries pass the first-stage screening will be requested to submit the electronic data of their works to Mandom. If the data is not submitted within the designated period, the applicants' passage of the first-stage screening will be cancelled. Please note that the submitted electronic data will not be returned.
17.After the final screening, all submissions and related materials will be destroyed in such a manner as to protect the personal information of the applicants.
18.We, including the campaign secretariat, reserve the right to remove any submission from the official Internet websites of this campaign, other Mandom sites, and Mandom subsidiaries’ sites, at our discretion and without any notice to the participant concerned, if the submission is found to be in violation of the campaign regulations or deemed inappropriate following our investigation of the contents.
19.Production costs and expenses related to the submission shall be borne by the participant.
20.No information on the selection process will be given out during the judging period.
21.Please reply immediately when you get contacted by the campaign secretariat. Note that we may have to exclude your work from the competition if you do not reply back in time.
22.Questions should be submitted using our contact form. Telephone inquiries will not be entertained during the selection period to ensure fairness to other participants. Please check FAQs also listed in "FAQ" section on the same website.
23.Participants must not attempt to get unauthorized access to this campaign site or a computer system/network connected to our server by methods such as stealing passwords or other forms of hacking.
24.These Competition Rules are effective as of Monday, July 2, 2018. They are subject to change without notice. Please check our website for updates.