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The best work 100,000 yen

One team from AREA A (Japan, Korea), AREA B (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong), AREA C (India, Thailand, Cambodia), AREA D (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia) and one team from either of 11 countries of Asia will advance to GATSBY SPECIAL PICK UP On Saturday, February 29 2020, one team from countries and regions will win GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS 14th FINAL.

Application Requirements

Entry can be made from 11 countries and regions in Asia.
  • Persons who can obtain passports from Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand
  • Applicants must currently have an address in one of the abovementioned countries or regions(Including foreign students / ex. Malaysian students studying in Hong Kong can also participate)
    ※For the example listed above, the person will be participating as a representative of Malaysia. 
    ※When we apply in group, we will decide representative area based on information of “country, area” listed in application form.

No age limit for students
  • A student enrolled in a high school, vocational school, college, university, or graduate school.
    However, those under 20 years old and will participate in “The 14th GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS FINAL” on Saturday, February 29, 2020 need a written consent from a parent or guardian.
    ※For those under 20 years old as of July 2019
Number of participants: 1 to 3
  • You can participate in solo performances and groups.

Procedure of application

THEME  Let’s make a unique song that makes you smile around you like you

Check the MUSIC production rules!

Check the commonly-made mistakes!

Show the rules
Work specification

・Must be complete original work and unreleased work
・Production within 2 minutes


・Do not use any material that violates the author rights and related rights of others.
・Do not use any content that violates the right of publicity or other people’s privacy, contains a discriminatory expression, and others, which may violate public order and moral.
 ※Including cosplay of animation works, recording that includes passersby, clothing brands, and others.
Exposure to tattoos, politics and religion, sensitive contents such as war, and expressions that adversely affect young people who cause “drinking”, “smoking”, “bullying” etc.
When taking a picture on a road or facility, be sure to obtain the respective license

Check the application rules!
View the application terms

“GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS” (hereinafter referred to as the “Campaign”) is a contest sponsored by Mandom Corporation. The submitted work may be posted or used on the websites of Mandom Co. and its affiliated companies, or used for other purposes. Thank you for your understanding.”

  1. The applicant hereby understands and accepts the Terms of Application at the time of application.
  2. Application is limited only for students. Application from someone who is not a student will be disqualified.
  3. All entries are limited to original works that have never been shown before and have not been uploaded or submitted to any other contests during the application period.
  4. Even when the work wins a prize, if it is determined that the work has been published or submitted to another contest, the award may be canceled, and the winner may be required to return the prize to the organizer.
  5. The copyright, right of use, and author rights (including the rights described in Article 21 to Article 28 of the Copyright Act) of the submitted works shall belong to Mandom Co.
  6. The entry and entry information at the time of application can be used and published on the websites and press releases of Mandom Co. or its affiliated companies, in Gatsby public relations documents, advertisement, sales promotion materials, and others.
  7. The application will be disqualified if there are any false items in the application form.
  8. The work and information submitted at the time of application can be published on the official website of this Campaign.
  9. Submitted works can be published on the internet and distributed free of charge, edited on CD-ROM or other media, and distributed to an unspecified number of people.
  10. The applicant shall not exercise the author’s personal right to the submitted work after it is sent.
  11. Always be careful not to infringe the intellectual property right belonging to any third party, the right of publicity, and the right of privacy in the submitted work. (including cosplay with animation themes, recording of passersby, recording of clothing brands, and others.) The applicant must guarantee that s/he shall not infringe the rights of any third party such as intellectual property right, portrait right, privacy, etc., and shall assume all responsibility. Mandom Co. shall not be liable for any damages caused by the infringements of rights in the submitted work.
  12. Mandom Co. retains the rights to edit the logo, logo movie, etc freely to use and post the work for the advertisement of the company, regardless of the place and media of publication (TV commercials, radio commercials, ads on printed media, the website of Mandom Co. or its affiliated companies, including events, promotions and other publicity activities). The work may also be used on external sites, such as YouTube (, Facebook (, and other social media platforms.
  13. Works against public order, moral, and social ethics (contents that are against the law, government ordinances, and regulations, materials that damage the honor of individuals or groups, contents that violate privacy, contents that expose tattoos, sensitive contents, such as those related to politics, religion, and war, contents that are related to “alcohol consumption”, “smoking”, “bullying”, and other expressions that adversely affect the young generation will not be considered for evaluation. Also, if the work is identified to contain any of the above after the examination period is over, the prize for the work will be canceled.
  14. Please make sure to obtain the required licenses when shooting on public roads or facilities.
  15. Submissions for video works outside the specified time or storyboard, will not be accepted.
  16. Works that contain the use of a product for anything other than its intended use will not be evaluated.
  17. The work will be requested to be removed from YouTube or other SNS platforms if the work is discovered to deviate from its intended use or it is deemed to be inappropriate by Mandom Co. Please respond promptly when there is such a request.
  18. The applicant will submit the data of the work that passes the screening process. Failure to deliver the data on time will result in disqualification. Please note that the data can not be returned.
  19. All the entries and related materials will be appropriately destroyed to protect the personal information of applicants after the final review. Mandom Co. shall use the applicant’s personal data to communicate with the person and for publication on the official website and SNS account of the Campaign, the shooting of the event’s video, and publication on the media, in the form attached to the submitted work. Regarding the handling of personal information, please refer to Mandom Co.’s “Personal Information Protection Policy”. (
  20. Mandom Co. and the secretariat of this Campaign shall reserve the right to remove the work from the website managed by the affiliate of Mandom Co. when it is discovered that the submitted work violates the terms of use, or if the work is deemed inappropriate after its content is evaluated based on the discretion of the company without any prior notice to the applicant.
  21. The applicant shall bear the cost for the production of the submitted work and the cost required for the application.
  22. Please note that the organizer cannot provide any explanation on the progress of the evaluation, the reason for being selected, or the reason for not being selected.
  23. Please reply as soon as possible when the secretariat sends an email or other forms of contact. If you do not contact us within the time limit, please understand that we may not be able to evaluate your work.
  24. Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries. Please note that we will not accept any inquiries over the phone to maintain the fairness of the evaluation process. Frequently asked questions are posted on the “FAQ” section of the website for easy access.
  25. Applicants shall not attempt to perform any unauthorized access to the computer systems or networks connected to the website of this Campaign or the servers belonging to Mandom, Co. through any methods, such as hacking and password retrieval.
  26. If Mandom Co. or its affiliated company suffers any damage due to the violation of the Terms and Conditions by the applicant may cause the applicant to be liable for such losses.
  27. The terms and conditions for applying are valid as of July 1, 2019, and may be changed without prior notice. Please check the website from time to time.
Shoot MUSIC videos

Let’s make a unique song that makes you smile around you like you

  • Please shoot the original music performance referring to the sample video.
  • The product details are here:
Upload your work to your favorite SNS
  • Example: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Non-public videos are not eligible for entry.
  • Videos posted after the application deadline will not be considered. Please make sure to post your video within the timeframe.

Fill in the application form
  • Please include the URL of the uploaded video and other necessary information in the application form.
Wait for the results.
Show audit schedule

■ First Round Evaluation
(Fri)November 1, 2019 – (Fri) November 15, 2019
Selection by the secretariat

■ Second Round Evaluation
(Fri) November 22, 2019 – (Fri) December 13, 2019
(1) “Number of votes” by WEB voting
(2) “Skill points” by the Secretariat
(3) “Creative points” by GATSBY

The scores from the three evaluated items will be calculated, and the video with the highest score (maximum total score: 30 points) from each area will proceed to the FINAL round.

■ The decision on the representatives from each country or region
(Fri) December 27, 2019


(Sat) February 29, 2020