Creator of the DANCE department who wins GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS, held in March 2, 2019 (Saturday), is decided!

Among the students who entered the second primary screening, the top three scoring high scores in each area will be announced.

■Examination item
(1) Number of votes obtained by online voting
(2) Points awarded to GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS
(3) Point where GATSBY gained creativity

At a maximum of 30, the above three items will be calculated,
The each one unit selected among the following each group; AREA A (Japan, Korea), AREA B (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia), AREA C (India, Thailand, Cambodia), AREA D (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia)
And one unit from 12 countries and regions in Asia as GATSBY SPECIAL PICK UP,
will win through GATSBY CREATIVE AWARDS 13th FINAL on Saturday, March 2, 2019.

In each examination item, 1st rank acquires 10 pts, 2nd rank 5pts, and 3rd rank 3pts.

Five people with mark, will be the finalists to enter FINAL
... Finalists selected from each area
... Finalist selected as GATSBY SPECIAL PICK UP

Score sheet
DANCE category


So Sovanorith


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