Announcement of awards

Calling all video fans of the world! GATSBY wants you!


Unlimited! (Whatever your age, occupation, sex or nationality)
Entry is open to anyone! Professional or amateur, group or individual, or even school classes.

Mandom Corporation (MANDOM) invites you to create web videos advertising GATSBY.

Top ten award winners will be exhibited at the Cannes Lions!

Choose your own genre (e.g. TV CM, short film, drama, product PR video).
Length: up to 90 seconds

Competition Guidelines


No restriction on age, occupation, sex or nationality.
Entry is open to anyone – professional or amateur, group or individual, even a school class!

If you are a minor

  If you are a minor, the consent of your parent/guardian is required before you can submit your work.

How to submit your video for the competition.

*Entry submissions must be made between Thursday, October 1, 2015 and Monday, January 4, 2016.
*Please refer carefully to the “Competition Rules: Specifications and Handling of Entries” when submitting your video.

GATSBY product to be featured in your video and theme/subject of your video

Please select one of the following options:

  • Your video can be presented in any style/genre – e.g. TV CM, short film, drama, product PR, etc.
  • Length: up to 90 seconds

*All entry content including film, audio, narration, CG, etc. must be original and unpublished.
 Any material previously submitted to other competitions cannot be accepted.
 Check the Competition Guidelines for special instructions regarding the use of products and expressions/descriptions.

Materials provided by Mandom for CM usage


File format:png/File size:22KBDOWNLOAD


File format:jpg/File size:667KBDOWNLOAD


File format:jpg/File size:599KBDOWNLOAD


File format:jpg png/File size:14MBDOWNLOAD


File format:jpg/File size:3MBDOWNLOAD

The visual material can be printed out and used in the CM.
You may record the music onto a CD-R, using Windows Media Player, iTunes or other music players and use it while filming your CM video.


The following will be excluded from the selection process. Please take special note.

Competition Rules: Specifications and Handling of Entries

  1. By submitting and entering the contest, participants are deemed to have understood and agreed to the terms of the Competition Guidelines.
  2. All entries submitted must be original and unpublished, uploaded during the designated submission period, and not previously entered in any other competition.
  3. Even after the winning of an award, if an entry is found to have been previously published or entered into another competition, the award may be withdrawn.
  4. Entries’ ownership, usage rights, and copyrights (including rights referred to in Article 21 to Article 28 of the Copyright Act) shall belong to Mandom Corporation.
  5. Entries and the particulars entered at the time of application may be used on the website or press report of Mandom Corporation as well as newsletters, ads and promotional materials of GATSBY.
  6. If any of the submission details had been false, the entry will be rejected.
  7. Entries and information provided by participants at the time of submission may be used in the official website for public viewing.
  8. Entries may be made publicly accessible or gratuitously distributed to the general public on the Internet and in other edited forms (such as CD-ROM).
  9. After the above entry is submitted, the participants would not be able to exercise their authors’ personal rights on the work concerned.
  10. Due care must be taken so as to avoid the entry infringing on the copyright and other intellectual property rights, personality rights and right to privacy of a third party. The competition participant him/herself must guarantee that no infringement has been made on the copyright and other intellectual property rights, personality rights and right to privacy of a third party. Should any claim arise from a violation of rights, the participant shall bear all responsibility for the matter. MANDOM shall not be liable for any compensation on claims made about the violation of such rights arising from any competition entry submitted.
  11. MANDOM reserves the right to use the competition entries in all MANDOM’s publicity and advertising (including TV CM, radio CM, printed advertisement media, homepage of MANDOM and Mandom Group Companies, special events, sales promotion and other publicity activities) without restriction on site and location of publication, having also the right to insert logo/logo movie and freely edit the entries when using/publishing the entries. MANDOM also reserves the right to use the entries on YouTube (, Facebook ( and other social media and external websites.
  12. No entry shall be considered if it violates public order and standards of decency or social ethics (content that infringes on law, government ordinance and regulations, damages the reputation of an individual or organization, or violates privacy). If such violations are discovered after the judging of the awards, any award given shall be withdrawn.
  13. Film work exceeding the specified time limit will not be accepted. Entries in storyboard form will not be accepted.
  14. Entries will be deemed invalid if the submitted content describes use of the product that deviates from the original intended use.
  15. If the entry is deemed by MANDOM to deviate from the designated purpose of use or to be otherwise inappropriate, the participant will be requested to delete the upload from YouTube/SNS. The applicant shall act speedily upon such request being made.
  16. Award winners will be asked to submit video data of their entries. If the data is not submitted within the designated period, the award will be withdrawn. The data submitted cannot be returned.
  17. At the end of the competition campaign, MANDOM shall destroy the competition entries and associated materials using methods appropriate for the protection of personal information.
  18. We, including the campaign secretariat, reserve the right to remove any submission from the official Internet websites of this campaign, other Mandom sites, and Mandom subsidiaries’ sites, at our discretion and without any notice to the participant concerned, if the submission is found to be in violation of the campaign regulations or deemed inappropriate following our investigation of the contents.
  19. Production costs and expenses related to the submission shall be borne by the participant.
  20. No information on the selection process will be given out during the judging period.
  21. Please reply immediately when you get contacted by the campaign secretariat. Note that we may have to exclude your work from the competition if you do not reply back in time.
  22. Questions should be submitted using our contact form. Telephone inquiries will not be entertained during the selection period to ensure fairness to other participants.
  23. Participants must not attempt to get unauthorized access to this campaign site or a computer system/network connected to our server by methods such as stealing passwords or other forms of hacking.
  24. Information given in the he Competition Guidelines is correct as of Wednesday, September 30, 2015 and is subject to change without prior notice. Please confirm the latest information on the official website as necessary.



*Local time 

About the selection process



CM Director

Produced many unforgettable TV commercials including those for Mandom/GATSBY, Suntory/PEPSI-MAN series, Shiseido ELIXIR, etc.; also directed music videos for SMAP, Momoiro Clover Z, etc. His unique style is said to have revolutionized commercial films. as well as many other prizes in and outside Japan. His frame per second image processing is said to react directly with the "right brain".


Watson-Crick Inc.
Creative Director / CM Planner

Engaged in many CMs including Mandom/GATSBY, Recruit/Hot Pepper, and Nissin/Cup Noodles. Received many awards such as Creator of the Year, TCC Grand Prix, NY Festival, London International Advertising Award, ACC Gold, ACC Planning Award and Saji Keizo Prize. Left Dentsu Inc. in 2009 and set up Watson-Crick Inc.


Dentsu inc. Kansai
Senior Creative Director

Famous CMs include Mandom / GATSBY, Oyatsu Company/ French bread workshop & Baby Star, and Plum Inc/ Night Plum. Received awards of Asahi Ads Vice-Champion Award in 1986 and 1987, Cannes press & poster finalist in 1991, Suntory Encouragement Prize in 1994 and 1998, ACC TV CM Special Award in the category of regional division in 1997, NY ADC Bronze Prize in 2001, ACC Grand Prix in 2011, etc


Graphic Designer / Visiting Professor at Kyoto University

Produced the symbol mark of DIAMOR Osaka and designed product packages for Glico CI, Glico, Gekkeikan, Gyu-nyu Sekken, Kintetsu Department Store, and more. He has written books such as DESIGN DISCOVERY(Rikuyo-sha Publishing, Inc.), Chinese Star Signs(Amus Arts Press), Okumura's Graphics, Okumura's Package, Okumura's VI System(Kosai art Publishings Ltd.), and more. Received many awards including Suntory Encouragement Prize, Asahi Advertisement Award, Hong Kong Graphic Design Award, NY ACC Award, TDC Judge's Choice Award and more.


Dentsu inc. Kansai
Art Director

Art direction: Mandom/GATSBY, Meiji/XYLISH, Namie Amuro's concert tour, Designed SMAP's record jacket, etc.
Awards received: Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, NY Festival, NY ADC, Times Asia-Pacific Advertising Awards, Mainichi Advertisement Award etc.

Selection process

Initial screening by Secretariat, followed by online voting by the public, then final judging by a panel of judges will decide the top ten winning entries.



All top ten award winning entries will be exhibited at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

*After the award announcement, winners are requested to submit their video data to the Secretariat.
The awards will be withdrawn if data is not submitted within the designated period.

Announcement of awards

Awards will be announced on the official website.

*There will be no award ceremony.


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