Yi-Chia Lin

— What is the motivation for applying for GCA?
We’re interesting in Music, and we believe that music can transfer the feeling which composer has through the song.
Therefore, when we saw the GCA we just apply immediately without hesitate.

— What are your thoughts on joining GCA FINAL?
I think that it’s a great experience.
Whether the whole contest, the other competition staff or the staff brought me to the heaven, feel comfortable and nice during that time.

— Have you ever been involved in GCA FINAL and changed any new discoveries or values?
Yes, we have.
We met a number of people there, and one most impressed me is a music category player from India.
His song make me unforgettable and I totally feel his emotion.
At that time, We had conversation with other people from various countries and we just chatted whole night, making me realize that music, photo, video……, they all are including their feelings.
We also have contacted with players from other country like Hongkong, China, Thailand and Indonesia, sharing our work to each other and Honkong people just traveled Taiwan two weeks ago with me.

— Other impressions
Japanese culture and food are awesome !!!!!
After the contest, I selected “Japanese “ in my university.